Monthly Challenges



Patrick Donovan


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Teacher Professional Learning



We used monthly challenges, focusing on effective use of technology, to get people to try new things and to share out what they were doing.  Every time you completed one of the challenges, you got a point.  The person with the most points at the end of the month got a prize (cookies, other treats, Chromecast).  They could either post their artifact from the challenge onto a Padlet or use our building hashtag if they posted it on Twitter.  They did not get any points if they did not share out, sharing was a key outcome of this plan.  We even tried doing a double month challenge where each week had some special challenges, which got you double points.  Our last challenge of the school year was focused on reflection and planning for the next school year.  We just used a simple Google Sheet that we shared out for our leaderboard.  The Google Sheet was posted onto a Google Site so everyone could see it.


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