PD Day Challenges and Badging


Patrick Donovan


Contact info:

@donovanscience, donovanscience.com


Type of Gamification:

Teacher Professional Learning



In our planning for a full day of professional learning based on technology for our district (Pre-K through 12th), we wanted a way to introduce challenges based on the various outcomes of the available sessions.  We brought in outside speakers and had our own teachers present, so teachers had lots of options and could pick what they wanted to learn more about.  We had our presenters come up with challenges for each of their sessions, ways for people to apply what they were learning.  As they completed each challenge, they filled out a Google Form saying what Challenge they completed and how many points it was worth.  These fed into a spreadsheet where we used equations to automatically add up the points for each teacher and then auto-assign a badge.  The leaderboard was created using Awesome Tables and shared on a Google Site.  We even developed special badges for special challenges that were focused on bigger ideas.  The badge were created using Credly and were saved onto a Google Site so they could be linked to in the Leaderboard but would show up.  We saw a lot of activity during the day of learning but less so aftewards.  We tried turning this into a contest between two of our buildings but without support from others and a focus on this as a main part of our professional learning for the rest of the year, this went away but it showed great promise.


Examples of Badges or Setup:



More information:


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