TK(Tech Knowledge) Challenge



Jeremy Mahoney

Contact info:


Type of Gamification:

Teacher Professional Learning

School Name and Grade Level

Springfield Platteview Community Schools (All grades)


Setup:  4 items needed
1.  Badge System set up through use of LMS (Schoology)
     a) Schoology has built in Badging System for students
     b) Created categories for badges (Basic Schoology Tasks, Collaboration    
          Tasks, New Technologies Tasks, Formative Assessment Tasks, SK12
           Tasks and Help Desk Tasks
     c) Created 50 badges and asked teachers to turn in 40
     d). Created Levels.  Each level progressively harder to reach.
                               Level 1 – Tech Beginner
                      5 Badges Earned + SK12 LogOn Badge
                                 Level 2 – Tech Novice
                           10 Badges + SK12 Resource Badge
                                 Level 3 – Tech Apprentice
                            15 Badges   +   SK12 Catalog1
                                     Level 4 – Tech Expert
                             20 Badges  +   SK12 Catalog2
                                      Level 5 – Tech Wizard
                                 30 Badges + SK12 Webinar
                                     Level 6 – Tech Master
                                40 Badges + SK12 Toolkit

2.  Developed Incentive Program
     a). worked with each building principal to come up with incentives
Level 1 – Jeans Day coupon
Level 2 – Candy and Pop
Level 3 – Double Jeans Day coupon
Level 4 – Donut and Coffee/20 min out of Class
Level 5 – Lunch
Level 6 –  tech conference admission/subscription to app

3.  Developed way to Track Progress
    a). Created a spreadsheet to keep track of badges and rankings

4.  Made Progress Visible
    a) Schoology allowed for easy awarding of electronic badge
    b) Printed out badges and gave to teachers to put outside door
    c) Created a Leaderboard for each building

Badges, Leaderboard, Other?


Examples of Badges or Setup:

More information:

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