In the summer of 2016 I (Patrick Donovan) attended the Google Innovator Academy in Boulder, CO.  Part of this academy was the production of a project to impact learning and education.  Throughout the course of my project however, it became apparent that my desire to create a model for others to use, was not going to be as impactful as I hoped.  The types of gamification I was researching were going to fit my needs, but the individual needs in classrooms, and to be used for teacher professional learning, were going to be very different.  The outcome of this was the idea to create a database of what teachers were doing in their classrooms so that others would be able to find examples of implementation that closely fit their needs.  This is going to be an ongoing process and will involve the help of many others, but as educators we know that we learn better together.

 I have a page of resources and other information about how I have conducted gamification in my role as a Technology Coach.  You can find it at https://donovanscience.com/presentations/monthly-challenges-and-badges-to-engage-teacher-learners/ 

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